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Welcome to the Verbal Judo Products Page

safer-poster-watermark-blur-150x150.jpg "S.A.F.E.R." Poster Price: $19.95
verbaljudo_nuggets_1-150x150.jpg Verbal Judo Nuggets Price: $19.95
Hammetts-Moral-Vision-150x150.png Hammett's Moral Vision Price: $22.95
chameleon-150x150.gif Chameleon Pin Price: $3.50
verbaljudo_gentleart_book-150x150.jpg Verbal Judo: The Gentle Art of Persuasion Price: $15.95
vj-tatical-card-150x150.jpg Verbal Judo Tactical Card Price: $3.00
the_verbaljudo_way_of_leadership_book-150x150.jpg Verbal Judo: The Way of Leadership Price: $27.00
verbaljudo_civiliantraining_audio-150x150.jpg Verbal Judo 2 Hour Civilian DVD Price: $129.95
verbaljudo_wordsasforce_book-150x150.jpeg Verbal Judo: Words as a Force Option Price: $30.00
61VjI6WVWKL._SL1184_-150x150.jpg Verbal Judo: Redirecting Behavior with Words Price: $11.95
verbaljudo_civiliantraining_audio-150x150.jpg Verbal Judo 6 CD Audio set Price: $399.00
photo-150x150.jpg Verbal Judo 4 DVD Series Price: $299.00
MousePad.jpg Mouse Pad Price: $9.99